Traces of the Tarot タロットの痕跡(後半)

Traces of the Tarot タロットの痕跡(前半)はこちら

No タロットカード名 必要リソース 探すオブジェクト
12 The Emperor
375 Straw Bundle (1)→3 Tomb +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
13 The Hierophant
373 Albino Earthworm (2) Charred Stump +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
14 The Magician
370 Pine Dreamcatcher (1) Tree Mask +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
15 The Empress
364 Silver Jingle Bell (5) Longhorn Skull +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
16 The Chariot
365 Puce Yarn (3) Stone Carving +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
17 The Sun
377 Limestone Petroglyph(2) Dead Tree Swing +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
18 The Lovers
378 Blood Crab Claw (1) Skeleton Couple +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
19 The Fool
378 Knapweed Seeds (5) Vine Skull Totem +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
20 The Wheel of Fortune
369 Wooden Die (3) Mounted Beast +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
21 The World
381 Iron Chain (2) Scythe +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
22 Judgement
382 Bore Worm (1) Wood Box +10 Copper Coins
+5 XP
The Planchette of Destiny

12.The Emperor

This land was once consumed with aggression and hot temperaments, and here a mage-knight of great renown was slain. Go to the sad monument to him erected by the Empress before she sailed away, there you will find the card you seek…

13.The Hierophant

To the north lies territory where guardian angels are literally alive and well. Go to the border of the Angel Havens, and somewhere there you will find the card you seek…

14.The Magician

Whoever hid these cards had great hatred for this one. He left it in wroth near the Wizard Tower of Weston - it is there you will find the card you seek…

15.The Empress

Before there was a Baron overseeing Weston, the Empress from across the sea was here, and oversaw the building of the watchtower herself. Somewhere there you will find the card you seek…

16.The Chariot

The road to the Lycan Woodlands carries many from danger into danger, but long ago strong men and women of an ancient race, renowned for their stoicism, lived there. Near a monument to their civilization, you will find the card you seek…

17.The Sun

nearby in the hills a mining boom once filled the valley with laughter and optimism. Most of these folk have moved on to other promising claims, but some trace of hope lingers. In the mining hills you will find the card you seek…

18.The Lovers

To the East is a land of those who feed on blood to live. A tragedy befell a doomed couple on the border there - in the waters you can find their sunken boat, a monument to the failed love between human and vampire. It is there you will find the card you seek…

19.The Fool

Before a curse turned the Black Forest into a sour haven of Spiders, children played merrily in the woods. Near the oasis of innocence in that dark valley, you will find the card you seek…


A large man runs a tavern in Weston, and his cheerful disposition belies a past in the criminal underworld. Now clean and free, the gambling room in his tavern is a secret reminder of the thrill and danger of his younger days. Look there!

21.The World

He who stole these cards came to Weston after a long journey, which ended with him trapped in a cell. Search the Weston jail, somewhere there is the card that you seek…


The thief of these cards seethes over a perceived injustice, and seeks to give the land a rebirth… after much suffering. In the murky depths, many rituals have been enacted towards this purpose. Search there for the last card that you seek…

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