Traces of the Tarot タロットの痕跡(前半)

Traces of the Tarot タロットの痕跡(後半)はこちら

誰かがPetra Tiganiのタロットカードを盗んだ。


報酬マジックアイテム「The Planchette of Destiny」40エレメンタム

No タロットカード名 必要リソース 探すオブジェクト 報酬
1 The Tower
383 Dust (1) Foreboding Statue +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
2 Strength
363 White Candle (2) Unmarked Stone +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
3 The Star
372 Blue Glass Shards (5) Telescope +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
4 Death
362 Poisoned Tankard (3) Cornered Skeleton +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
5 Justice
374 Ghoul Eyeball (2) Abandoned Suitcase +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
6 Temperance
376 Silver Candlestick (1) Arcane Spellbook +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
7 The Moon
367 Oak Bead (5) Skull +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
8 The Hermit
368 Illegible Pages (3) Strange Rubble +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
9 The Devil
379 Unholy Sheet Music (2) Warning Post +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
10 The Hanged Man
366 Pixie Skull (1) Cocoon +3 Copper Coins
+3 XP
11 The High Priestess
371 Burned Stake (5) Duchess Statue +1 Gypsy Token
+3 XP

1.The Tower

The card you seek is The Tower. It is in this valley, near a statue resonating with energy from the beyond…


Lions have long since left this land, but another creature symbolizes strength. Look for dragonflies by a pond outside Weston, there is the Tarot Card you seek…

3.The Star

women and men through antiquity have gazed upward for inspiration and answers. Search for a stargazing device with many years of service in upon it, and nearby is the Tarot Card you seek…


Much knowledge is lost when a human passes away, but sometimes the spirit lingers with much to teach. Look to a graveyard, and there you will find the Tarot Card you seek…


It can take many forms. Some believe the part of Weston plagued by ghouls deserved their fate. As the people fled, many things were cast aside and left behind in haste. In one of these lies the Tarot Card you seek…


How can one have balance without truth? The card you seek was hidden in a place of great knowledge. The Library of Weston is where you must go…

7.The Moon

has spoken, and to you we have relayed the knowledge! Find the warning on the border of the lands of the lycans, there lies the Tarot Card you seek…

8.The Hermit

I feel like I was pretty clear, just go look for that hermit in Weston. Begone!

9.The Devil

The Devil… This land is rife with selfishness and deceit, but to the south is a land of literal demons. Go to the border of that place and the Mortal Crossroads, it is there you will find the card you seek…

10.The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man… One who attempted to let go of their ego paid for it with his life. You will find him literally hanging - in the Black Forest is where you will find the card you seek…

11.The High Priestess

The High Priestess… It's easy to judge by appearances, but a humble woman in Weston was once a Duchess, and a powerful witch - but alas all her kin were burned, she alone remains. Find the crone of West, near her is where you will find the card you seek…

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